Hello Goodbye

So we meet again.

“Hello Goodbye” was released as a single in the fall of 1967, written by Paul, and included on “The Magical Mystery Tour” album. (It is best to be slightly stoned whilst watching this movie, fyi.)

By 1967, The Beatles were starting to get tired of traveling the world, making appearances and such. Instead of actually going all the way to the states when Ed Sullivan asked, they decided to make a video. Many video’s, actually, called promotional videos. Easy enough for the fab five, exposure on one of the TV shows that helped propel their popularity, without too much effort on their part.

The song itself is a happy little ditty that poses the question, why say goodbye when I say hello?

Who hasn’t asked themselves this question at least once in their life, hmm?

Full of triptacular (I made up this word) vivid color, this video is proof that The Beatles invented the whole music video genre. (Put this on MTV, and maybe they can finally get back to where they once belonged, I say.)

MTV is not fab, Mer..

 True that, boys. True that.

The thing that makes this song one of my top five is simple. They are hilarious, having a grand old-time cutting up for the camera. Paul is adorable, John is grinning, George shimmies, and Ringo shakes his head to his own beat.

What will #2 be? Only Merbear knows.


36 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye

      • I want to see what the rest of your list is like before I put mine out there. I will say I like more of their later years’ work vs. early on, for the most part 🙂


      • Their earlier sound to me wasn’t always unique enough. I could get the same experience from The Dave Clark 5 (who I also love) or other “British Invasion” bands. I think when they hit the reinvention period of their collaboration is where they really shine.


      • Yes, The Dave Clark Five!!! Maybe I am just partial because they seeped fabness from their pores…but once they spent most of their time in the studio instead of touring, they released all that pent up talent.


  1. It always amused me how quiet and serious George seemed back in the Beatles days, yet he was a wild and crazy and funny guy in his 80’s videos. Ringo’s my kinda guy… a complete weirdo!

    Another good choice. Now I’ll say goodbye………. 😉


  2. I was just listening to this one earlier! It’s one of my favorites 🙂 I’ve been thinking on this and this one would definitely be on my top five, as would Blackbird, and The Walrus, and Strawberry Fields, and Lucy, and Hey Jude, and In My Life, and … shit, me and the maths, it’s a problem 😉

    (and she’s singing Rocky Raccoon as she goes off about her chores …)


    • Oh wow…so many good choices..I am actually hemming and hawing about #2, but I am sure I will finally make a decision by tomorrow… Yes, you went a bit over, but who gives a shit, really? It’s the Beatles… 🙂


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