Cold, Cold Heart

I found out Monday evening that my soon-to-be-ex husband has been having an affair with a woman a couple of towns over for two years.

I’ll be honest…before this info came to my attention (a friend of the woman told me via good old Facebook) I still harbored tepid feelings for him.

But now, I loathe him entirely. I am getting a divorce ASAP. I wash my hands of him, disgusting fucking pig that he is. I’m also getting myself checked for STD’s because we did have some sexual contact, albeit not intercourse.

I have a cold, cold heart.

cold heart

I saw this at World Market the other day. I would have popped on it, but it was $9.99.

This news changes everything. He denied ever having actually stuck his dick in the mashed potatoes, but I should have realized that he was lying.

Guess what he said when I called him soon after I found out?

“Well, we’re separated now, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”

This is the sexually depraved fuckwit that I’ve been sharing my life with for 15 years.

But, I’m going to be okay, you guys. I have so much GOOD in my life, it’s all mine for the taking.

And all he’ll ever have is his overactive penis and his own sorry ass lies that I think he actually believes. I feel bad for the next woman that he sucks into his web of debauchery and chaos. (Sort of.)

I am free of him now, for good. He will never manipulate me again, let him do that shit to someone else. My daughter made me delete and block his phone number, she’s been so strong through all of this deplorable mess.



46 thoughts on “Cold, Cold Heart

  1. Well, damn it. Wish I lived closer, Mer. We’d go do something fun together. Damn it. I would hope he regrets the rest of his life…but unfortunately, men like him don’t care what others think of him. Big hugs, girl. Love sent to ya. ❤

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  2. Mer, my heart hurts for you. You have a warm heart and are a funny, talented, beautiful woman! I am so sorry that this selfish manchild betrayed the vows he made – ya know, the “cherish and foresaking all others” promise…

    My LAST husband thought the “in sickness and health” vow meant I would take care of him, dragging his drunk body off the kitchen floor – but when I was diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome, he decided I needed to get out (if I was unwilling to share my meds).

    I have been following your blog for a few months, and can see how much you are loved. Be Merry, Mer!

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    • Thank you, Becky. I notice each and every one of you… ❤
      Ugh, I am sorry that you've had an awful experience as well. I always knew he was a jerk, but deep down I thought he was basically a nice, decent man. Boy, was I wrong.
      I'll try to live up to my name. 🙂


  3. And so the revelations keep on coming. It has hardened your resolve by the sounds of it. Take him to the cleaners! And don’t forget to “accidentally” mention his tiny useless dick in court.

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if I get even more revelations during the next few months…he’s a great cheater, he even had my mom fooled.
      I wish that I could take him to the cleaners, but he doesn’t have a pot to piss in. I just want to rid myself of his name and cut ALL ties with him.
      Tiny, useless dick. I enjoy it when you swear! 🙂
      PS. I’ll write you soon.

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  4. Liars and cheaters suck so bad! If they can do that to their own wife and family…they will do it to anybody! THIS I know….there is a special place in Hell for those who don’t get their mind and body under control real fast….Sorry to hear this dear! Worse is that they don’t have the ballz to say the truth until after the fact. Time wasters, haters of good, lovers of themselves, cold and arrogant and sexually immoral….ok…I will shut up now. You go and have a good life and pray for a decent man…A great one will show up and he will treat you like the queen you are! Blessings!


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