Welcome to Merbear’s World

I decided the other day that I didn’t want my blog to continue on with the moniker that my raunchy ass husband (he has a thing for dirty women) had inadvertently named over 5 years ago when my health started declining through no fault of my own.

“You’re so weak now, you could get knocked over by a feather.”

Is it just me, or is that kind of like an insult?

Obviously I did like it at one point, but times change and it just had to go bye-bye, the same like he fucking had to do.

It’s been almost 60 days since I caught him on Tinder and it just snowballed from there.

And I can finally take his last name off my Facebook on Saturday.

Yep. Facebook makes you wait that long to change your name, so don’t ever follow the urge to call yourself “Celestial Moonbeam” for a day, unless you’re committed to it for a while.


No bother, I’ll just wait patiently and read this enthralling book on how to wash a man right outta my hair.

I needed to start fresh, just like everything in my life. I need to rebuild, to heal and to stay as healthy as I can.

I also have really super clean hair right now, really shiny and full of bounce.

So, anyways…welcome to Merbear’s World.


46 thoughts on “Welcome to Merbear’s World

  1. Thanks for the invite to Merbearsworld. It’s a world filled with hope, compassion, humor, honesty, strength and perseverance – a world I want to be a part of!

    Love the clean hair! It’s a great look!

    Gentle hugs,

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    • Thank you!!
      I’m glad you liked it, I thought on it all last week, which was a blur. I kind of went off the grid for a few days processing the news that he was shagging someone for so long right under my nose.
      He can kiss my ass. πŸ˜€

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  2. I’d noticed the name change on the sidebar of another blog a couple days ago and wondered if it was a brand new blog or a rename of the old one. Unfiltered, undaunted, and no more huge fucking feathers…

    Facebook is exceedingly anal and unwilling to accept that people may want to change things. Long, long ago I had a temporary account for a contest associated with my other hangout. A few of the people there took the opportunity to “friend” me (even though I never used it for personal stuff… always have and always will resist). The account was abandoned when the contest was over…. but a few years later, someone hacked it and started posting spam from it… which those “friends” kindly let me know about. So I had to try and get the damned thing closed…. and FB just assumes nobody would EVER want to actually delete an account someone set up with them. So it made me jump through an incredible number of hoops just to terminate a hacked account…. the final test (to prove it was actually ME) was to show me some pictures of the “friends” on my account that they’d tagged themselves in, and I had to identify who each of them was! People who I only know online!!!!! Somehow, I passed the gauntlet, and then I think there was still a two week or so waiting period before the account was finally closed for good since I might reconsider…

    Facebook and its stupid bureaucracy can go get fucked!

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  3. I like the new look. And yes Facebook is a dick–I tried to change my page to my blog name last year just for fun, but I spelled it wrong, and then I hit a button and the next thing I knew, I had to wait 60 days to change it back to my normal human name. So stupid.

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