My Little Miracle

My daughter is 21 years old today!

I became pregnant with her at that age, but I was 22 when she had to be delivered almost 6 weeks premature in order to save both of our lives. Labor was induced, but the whole ordeal lasted a total of 5 days, with me staying on the ICU maternity ward for 24 hour surveillance in case I started to stroke out or have a heart attack due to my sky-high blood pressure.

She’s my little miracle.


B at 2 months and an extremely young me.

I remember the day that this photo was taken, my mom came over for a special photo shoot, which is why we’re both dressed up.

I’m taking her out to dinner and if she wants, I’ll buy her (her first) legal drink. I don’t think that she enjoys alcohol all that much, but you know, tradition and shit.

Happy birthday baby girl, I love you so much.


18 thoughts on “My Little Miracle

  1. Enjoy your dinner and drinks!

    I remember when I turned legal. My parents took me out with my siblings. Most places wouldn’t serve me alcohol because I didn’t have any ID at the time. Even when my parents said it was ok! I still laugh at that. I was being carded into my late 30’s, so I didn’t complain. lol


    • I got carded constantly…um, not so much anymore. LOL
      My mom and aunt took my brother and I to a Lake Erie island called Put-In-Bay for my 21st. I don’t recall getting too drunk, but it was still a fun day.


  2. Omg. I remember she was just 18 when I started following your blog and I swear I thought it happened like just a few weeks ago. Happy birthday to her! ❤

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