Painful Little Nuisances

I’m concerned about my left thigh. It’s been slowly losing muscle tone over the last few years, but while I was on the couch the other night, the sight of it at a certain angle gave me a bad case of the worries.

My doctor never seems all too concerned when I bring it up, he just tells me to do my leg exercises and to stay as active as I possibly can, which has quadrupled since Asshat moved out.

In doctor speak, that means that there really isn’t all that much that he or I can do.

I’m already doing it. I walk until I just can’t, I force myself to do the exercises and I don’t always use my princess parking pass. (That’s what my daughter calls it.)


Mine expires in 2019.

My right thigh is much meatier than the left, so I suppose that poor righty takes a beating since I’m putting most of my weight on it when I’m walking around. I can see and feel the bone on lefty, which is…hmm, let’s see…fucking freaky.

Stupid fibromyalgia. I got your number, you bastard.

I have other issues cropping up recently to tell the doctor about, so many that I’m going to have to make a list or I’ll forget. Nothing life-threatening, just painful little nuisances, like my right thumb that I’m positive has something crunching inside of it (ouch) and my lack of an appetite.


“I know you’re going through a hard time right now, but you look fucking amazeballs.”

My daughter and I went to a thrift store yesterday and they had a scale. I was surprised to see that I’ve lost about 12 pounds since the last time that I weighed myself, which was sometime last month.

I’m eating right now just to survive. That’s what happens to me when I’m stressed out and emotionally erratic, I’ll just forget until my stomach groans painfully at me to put something in there or I start to feel dizzy because of my low blood sugar.

And then I eat a cookie and say, shush you.

I finally went to the eye doctor this past Monday. I decided to just do it (I’ve been putting it off) and get the bifocals, so I can read my medicine bottles without peering over my frames and squinting.


Aw, he makes squinting look adorable.

I also have the early stages of cataracts. The eye doctor said we’ll just keep an eye on it.

Get it? Haha!


Eh, I thought it was funny.

I love my new frames (neon green and black.) I’m trying to give myself lots of little things to be excited about and look forward to. I should have them within the week. It’ll be nice to see clearly again.

I’m seeing many things more clearly these days and now I’ll be doing it in style.


26 thoughts on “Painful Little Nuisances

  1. Don’t you just hate when your body does crazy ass things? Such fun! NOT
    I always find new glasses fun. Enjoy and be glamorous dahling! 😉

    My doctors do the same thing when I come with them with something new. ‘Just exercise and lose weight’ is always their go-to advice. Hate to tell them that losing weight is not going to matter a whole lot when my body hates me. I’ve been up and down most my life. Never hurt like this though. I don’t think my docs believe in fibro (which I think I have just like my mom did and my sister does).


    • Sometimes I think my body hates its own guts!
      I’m slowly coming out of my frumpy 24/7 mode. 😉
      They just don’t have any decent treatments for diseases that they really don’t understand. Why do you think, other than heredity, that you have fibro, Jackie?


      • I’m glad you coming out….haha….

        As for why I think I have fibro…well, I’ve looked at a checkpoint list you had once and I had to check almost every one of them. I hurt all the time, 24/7, I have sleeping problems (granted some of it is because I have sleep apnea), my joints ache. hell, even my toes hurt sometimes. I’m tired all the time. I get super irritated. Always have ‘new’ hurts, I call them phantom pains, I’ve got stomach problems now, most foods don’t agree with me. Mostly, I just ache from my head to my toes. All the time. 😦 Does that sound like fibro from someone who actually has it?

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      • I’ve been putting this off, responding…
        It does sound like fibro, Jackie. 😦
        I always have Facebook open, if you ever want to chat in real time, okay? Love you. ❤


      • I know, Mer. One day I’ll surprise you. I believe I do have fibro, but every time I have mentioned it to doctors they kind of just ignore me and say I should lose weight. Or they think it’s because of my diabetes. I have very firm control over my blood sugars. It’s NOT my diabetes. I may not have much control over anything else in my life, but my sugars I do. 😦 Bastards………ugh.


  2. Muscle mass is weird. I went to a massage therapist a while ago and she told me my right arm is bulkier than my left. It’s from carrying a suitcase up and down the stairs at the subway station every week. I’m like that guy in Lady In The Water. Your new glasses sound gorgeous–all the better to see you with, my dear!

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  3. Yay new specs! Not so yay about the leg. If you’re not eating the right sort of protein tho, you’re not easily going to get any muscle back in it. I reckon your doc needs to give this some serious looking at. And not in a pervy sort of way either.

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