The Escapist Coloring Club


I stumbled upon this monthly prompt yesterday and since my thumb is being a jerk, I’ll be posting digital pictures from the app “Recolor” instead of old-fashioned coloring pages. (Thank you, Barb.)

Please visit Linda G. Hill and join in if you feel inclined to do so.


As you can see, this is a group of blob creatures happily getting ready to munch on some noodles. It took me about a half hour to complete because it doesn’t have too much detail.

I was in the mood for something silly.

I won’t be using effects or filters of any kind, so as not to have an unfair advantage over anyone.


20 thoughts on “The Escapist Coloring Club

  1. That’s such a fun picture! I love having this outlet! I’ve not tried an app. I think I would miss the smell of the crayons of the physical scratching noise of the crayon or pencil moving across the paper. But since I am a Kindle reader who misses the smell of real books I could be an electrical colorer, whatever moves you, right? Anyway, this is cute!

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  2. Great job! I love all the fantastic shades of purple you’ve used.
    Feel free to get as creative with the digital colouring as you’d like. It’s all about the escape, remember. If it gets you focused on the colouring and nothing else, that’s all that matters. ❤
    Thanks so much for joining in! So glad you could find a way to get around your thumb issues. 😀

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