I’m A Hermit Crab

A couple of weeks ago, I promised in the comments that I’d share a selfie of myself after I colored some of my silver hairs purple.

I like to stay true to my word whenever possible, so after playing beauty shop this afternoon, I started the grueling task of finding the right angle, lighting and other bullshit that comes with taking (hopefully) a sufficient picture of myself that is suitable for public viewing.

To get the negative shit out-of-the-way, I can’t stand my chin, I think my entire face in general is too long and now I truly possess deep frown lines.

I suppose that my mom was right when she warned me that if I kept frowning, my face would freeze like that.

Hey, I was young, man. What was all that talk about freezing facial features to an 8-year-old fucking kid?

On the plus side, I like that the eye-shadow, black eyeliner and mascara really helped to pep up my eyes a titch.

Anyways, here are the two selfies (out of about 20, I shit you not) that I approve of. Also, I’d like to add that these are as is, with no filters of any kind.


My first pair of bifocals, they are my favorite pair of glasses, ever. Also noteworthy, it’s my first pair of black spectacles.

I’m wearing Madly Matte lipstick by Kleancolor in Caramel.

You can’t really see the purple hair all that well, but the 2nd pic is much sharper.


Now you can see the purple with some help from the bathroom lights. I’ve noticed that the color does fade quickly.

Does anyone know if they sell semi permanent purple hair dye? I’d rather not have to fuss with it too much. I’m lazy like that.

Please tell me what you think, keeping in mind that this is the equivalent of a hermit crab coming out of its shell.


39 thoughts on “I’m A Hermit Crab

  1. Love your photos! Your hair looks so pretty with the purple in it! I like your new glasses, too. I always wanted some with the solid frames, but the part that rests on my nose, just doesn’t, so I have to have the kind with the little nose pad things. Oh, it must have been fun to play beauty shop. πŸ™‚

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    • It was fun, I need to make myself do it more often. It’s a challenge when I’m not feeling well. Grr.
      I didn’t think that I’d like these kind of glasses, but I do…I was always a wire frame gal. LOL

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  2. love the photos! You are beautiful! You said you like your bifocals? I really don’t like mine lol. I seriously can’t walk while wearing them. The ground looks distorted. I ended up getting a pair of driving glasses and a cheap pair of reading glasses and like it better!

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  3. You and I are the same, I hate having my photo taken, as you notice all my photo’s of myself are from years ago, I have Marionette Puppet mouth lines! I hate them.
    I like the purple ❀

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  4. I am such a hermit myself. I’m trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and your story was one of the first I’ve read. Love the purple and I commend you on stepping out of your shell.

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