“My MOM Has Fibromyalgia!”

My daughter made manager at her work a couple of days ago, after three years of taking food orders, working the grill (they make gourmet burgers) and every other menial task that comes with the job.

The kid has one hell of a work ethic, something that I’d struggled with in my early years.Β It took having her at age 22 to grow my ass up and do what was (mostly) right.

I can’t express just how proud of her I am. She’s done with classes for the summer, so at this very moment, she’s in her bed sleeping, probably dreaming of the day when she graduates from college and gets a “real” job.

A real job to her is one that doesn’t involve coming home smelling like grease.


This is the first image you’ll find when you Google “smells like grease.”

She works with mostly males and from what I’ve gathered, some of them are real assholes.

This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

They hired an 18-year-old boy who has fibromyalgia and he was having a bad day. According to my offspring, the guys began teasing him because of it. He was struggling hard to keep up with the physical challenges of working at an upscale fast food place and in the end, he asked to be sent home.

That really gave these imbeciles even more fuel to ridicule the suffering boy. This infuriated my daughter so much that eventually she lost her proverbial shit and went off on them.

“My MOM has fibromyalgia you *$@&!!” (I’ve never heard her swear, unless you count damn it once.)

I guess this info only gave them more to poke fun at, which seems to be just the way, doesn’t it?

My daughter said that she was so furious, she barely spoke to anyone for the rest of the shift. (This all happened before she got promoted to manager, otherwise the silent treatment wouldn’t have been prudent.)

“Aw, honey. That poor boy and he’s so young,” I said to her.

“I wanted to punch them. They just don’t understand, bunch of idiots.”

I felt three distinct emotions during this conversation:

  1. Empathy for the young man who has a whole lifetime ahead of him with the monster known as fibromyalgia.
  2. Anger at the people who were throwing shade at him. (What? Am I too old to use that expression?)
  3. Love, because she was ardently sticking up for the underdog and of course, for me, her mommy.

“Well, honey, most people don’t understand something unless it’s happening to them.”

“They all suck.”

Yeah, she had me there.

Only I would have said that they fucking suck.

When I attempt to do something that might cause me harm, my daughter tells me to be careful.

She also tells me not to fall, which is something that I do often enough to prompt her to say that in the first place.

Or she’ll just tell me to sit down, that she’ll do it.

And as stubborn as I am, I usually let her.

37 thoughts on ““My MOM Has Fibromyalgia!”

  1. Brooke is awesome.
    Poor guy sounds like Jordan. Who is now about 30. But he worked with all kinds of docs to help with the sleeping issue, chronic pain & fatigue. But he had to fight and it’s more difficult to be believed by docs if you’re male. The invisible disease & all.

    Brooke is so wonderful & stands up for what is right. I love that girl! ❀

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    • Thank you, bff. She thinks that you’re awesome as well and loves you back. ❀
      Poor Jordan…I think it's more difficult from men than woman, because guys are supposed to be all tough and all. Such a messed up stereotype.


  2. That’s a good human you are raising! My son says similar things and it breaks my heart because he’s talking about his friends. Life lessons can be incredibly cruel but incredibly valuable. I try to help my son see the good in people, even when it takes a microscope.😬 He isn’t as tolerant as I am, but I’m very thankful for that.🌸

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  3. 1st Congrats to Brooke on the promotion- I’d have the mean boys cleaning the restaurant from top to bottom including the grease trap.
    2nd Awesome young woman you have raised there Mer!
    3rd It is beyond gratifying when your child adults in such a warm and caring way as Brooke does for you. We are both blessed with wonderful daughters. Take care.

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    • Thank you!
      Yep, she’s enjoying her ability to boss the mean boys around, trust me. lol
      I am so glad that you have a wonderful daughter as well, Heidi. We were both blessed. ❀


  4. I am 66 years old. Have her send me the address and I will have a little chat with those boys. I am an ex football coach and know exactly what to say and do. She is a wonderful young lady and tell her she is a future and present day leader.


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