Unpainted Tidbits


I attempted to repaint asshat constantly over the years. I’ve lost track of how many brushes and paint cans (semi-gloss) that I used.

Each time I hoped that it would be for the last time.

I realize my mistake now. You simply cannot repaint someone who has no heart or soul, who abuses someone they supposedly love and cherish for their own personal gain.

Here are a few tidbits about him that I’ve never shared before.

  • He couldn’t go 15 minutes without making some sort of sexual comment or innuendo.
  • He was obsessed with blow job videos.
  • He would wake me up early for what he liked to call “coffee and a blow job.” I played along for a while, but soon got tired, angry and sickened by it.
  • Although he never hit me, he did raise his hand towards me with an evil look on his face a few times.
  • Once, he lifted one of his guitars with the full intention of smacking me with it. Sadly, my daughter was a witness to this.
  • After my suicide attempt in July of 2015, he sent me a text that insinuated that perhaps suicide was a great idea.
  • While I sat in the ER with my mother, scared shitless, he was out screwing his whore.
  • When he would cook meals, half of them were too spicy for anyone else to eat besides himself. I believe that he did that on purpose, just to be a greedy, pig-like dickhead.
  • He harassed a young woman, which lasted about 3 months, all because she barely hit his back bumper (a car that broke down about a week after) while leaving a store. She didn’t have insurance. He wanted cash in exchange for not calling the cops on her. I finally got so disgusted by his manipulative behavior that I straight out told him to cut it the fuck out, grow up and leave the poor girl alone.

It’s coming up on a year since I initially found out about his cheating.

I plan on celebrating.

20 thoughts on “Unpainted Tidbits

  1. Yeah, I used to repaint the ex all the time too. It’s what we do to try and ‘fix’ things. I’m glad you are finally seeing how much better off you are without painting so much. ❤

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    • I also like his comment, I wish that I had thought of it…
      Good, I hope that he can somehow feel the hateful vibes coming from so many people…but I guess he’d have to have a heart in order to do that.
      Thanks, T. ❤ ❤

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