Cherishing the Idea of Privacy

I’ve realized that, at least for the time being, I don’t want to write about my life anymore. I find myself cherishing the idea of privacy.

When I start to write down my inner thoughts, the publish button, that used to glow neon green, has now turned into a glaring red stop sign.


I’ve made a few enemies who would like nothing more than to watch me fail.

Well, I don’t want to give those people the satisfaction.

I don’t know what my future holds. None of us have any clue.

If there’s one thing that I know about life, it’s never allow yourself to get too cocky.

I still have plenty of demons to hunt down and a traumatic past to overcome. For now, I need to keep the details to myself and my inner circle.

Take care, you guys.

20 thoughts on “Cherishing the Idea of Privacy

  1. It’s good to want privacy at this time….but….remember those who helped you get here and not just those who wish to see you fail. We’ve been through a lot…together. Don’t let that be a barrier now that you’ve reached a point in your life that you feel happier. I do understand the fragility of it all. You know I want nothing but your happiness. So with that….keep in mind YOU can NOT find total happiness in another. You must find it in yourself alone. Love you lady. ❤

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    • Love you too, Jackie. ❤
      It's mostly fear, everything is so new and fragile, so beautiful and I am frightened to let it loose…for now, anyways. I've decided to post quotes from others and music until I feel ready to share my own thoughts again.

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  2. I totally understand. That is part of the reason I rarely post. I started out wanting my blog to be light hearted and fun, but life kept getting darker and darker until I found I could only write about depressing shit. Now, I don’t even want to write. Take the time you need and if the mood strikes you, come check in!

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    • I get you, I really do. Only I think that I was so used to being depressed and miserable, that was all I knew to write about. Now that I am not in “the dark” it feels odd to me. I’ll post quotes and songs until I am ready to write again. ❤

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  3. First off sis you can’t fail because you never failed in the first place dear !!!
    Second screw those people and what they think their just misory hownds.
    I can understand not wanting the hole world to know everything about your life dear there’s a lot I don’t say as well.

    But remember I’m always here if you need to talk msg me any time sis, love you Mer. 🌹❤️✌️


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