Prepping the New Guy


“Well, you see…a few years back, I wanted to die so badly that I took a handful of hydrocodone. I changed my mind, thankfully, but still had to be readmitted to the nuthouse. But on the plus side, before the ER made me drink liquid charcoal, I wasn’t feeling any pain.”

“If a picture is hanging on a wall crooked, I’ll become obsessed with it and try to straighten it out. This might take a few minutes, because it just never seems good enough the first ten times.”

“Although they don’t happen as often now, I still have panic attacks that basically shut my ass down. I’ll need a few minutes to gain back my sanity. I do think that maybe a hug would help. Yeah, it most assuredly would.”

“I’ve been battling the darkness my entire life. Although I’m in the light at this moment, there might come a day when the shadows swallow me up again. If so, I hope that you’ll realize it’s mostly just a chemical imbalance, combined with past traumas and that I never want to dive into Depressionland of my own free will.”

‘Of course…ask away, I’m an open book.”

There’s a miraculous freedom when you own everything about yourself without an apology.

It’s also pretty nifty when the person doesn’t make you feel apologetic in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Prepping the New Guy

  1. The whole world needs a greater understanding of what it’s like to live with mental ill health. It’s not all drowning in tears or feeling sad or numb. Thanks for sharing a part of your experiences of sharing your experiences, because we need so much more of it to get the understanding out there that actually, it’s OK to not have good days all the freaking time!


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