10 Signs You’re An Empath


I went to a bar with my boyfriend about a week ago, just to visit with a few of his friends and to have a quick beer. A woman (a complete stranger) started telling me about her decision to move away after losing her husband suddenly a few months ago and all of her health problems.

I listened to her story patiently and then told her that I thought a new start could be just the thing that she needed.

After we left, my boyfriend told me that she rarely ever talked about her problems, let alone with someone that she’d never even met before.

I shrugged and smiled. Happens all of the time, I told him.


14 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re An Empath

  1. Literally can’t step out of the house without this happening somewhere in my journey. Crowds can really wear me out, too! But Mer, I’d rather be an empath than an asshat any day!!! LOL
    ~ Tamara

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  2. I used to be like this, especially as a kid. I was constantly overwhelmed with emotions and I had no idea I was picking them up from other people. Now I can block some stuff. Sometimes a little too well. I feel bad for not feeling more bad about certain things.

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