I Loathe Anxiety

My anxiety has always started in my stomach, a churning of intestinal chaos that leaves me feeling nauseous and planning my escape to the nearest bathroom.

From there, it travels into my limbs, causing an unpleasant tingling sensation. My breathing becomes shallow and my head starts to spin, making me feel like I might fall down on my ass and go boom.


Oh, the possibilities are endless!

My thoughts will turn dark and I’ll start to whip through possible scenarios.

  • My daughter got car-jacked by a gang of drug fueled ruffians. That’s why she hasn’t answered my text message yet.
  • My mom fell in the bathroom and didn’t bring her phone with her, that’s why I keep getting her voicemail when I call (repeatedly, by the way).
  • My dog sneezed 3 times, she has bronchitis or something, I just know it.
  • This headache isn’t my allergies kicking up, it’s the beginning of an inoperable brain tumor.
  • What’s that awful sound? Holy shit, the world is ending, I’m not ready yet!!
  • All of my teeth are going to get infected because I can’t afford to see a dentist. I’ll end up having to eat baby food and never smile with my mouth open again. (Okay, this one has some truth to it.)

This isn’t me.

I loathe anxiety.

So tell me, what symptoms do you experience when you’re anxious?

Or are you one of the lucky ones who never really gets anxious? (And if so, what’s your fucking secret?!!!)


24 thoughts on “I Loathe Anxiety

    • I agree. I think some of us are just hardwired to feel more anxiety than others…better at hiding it or else they drink it away (my brother). Or like my poor mom who is suffering with an undiagnosable stomach ailment due to years of anxiety and not trying to get a handle on it.

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  1. Part of being human is anxiety. Especially of the unknown. As long as you don’t let it control your life you’re golden.

    Mine always starts in the stomach too. Not a good feeling. Them my hands get clammy. I just never let it stop me from doing something, or at least try not to let it. Being an empath I sometimes get an overwhelming feeling that I am NOT supposed to do something or go somewhere. I always listen to that one. It’s like anxiety in overdrive. I get that way about other people too.


  2. I never seem to experience anxiety (at least not during the day; waking up in the middle of the night it can happen). So yesterday was weird. On my way to “church” to have some beers with the clan I got this overwhelming sense of dread. It didn’t stay with me the whole time but it did push me out of sorts for the entire visit (where I was unusually withdrawn). I could not explain it. I guess I don’t have to. But I get it, when you talk about it. Terrible feeling, terrible.

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    • Yes, it has the power to completely ruin a supposedly fun activity. It comes at me often out of nowhere, it doesn’t even have to be a valid reason behind it. It’s just like that, a sense of pure dread.

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  3. Mine usually starts in the stomach too. Like that adrenaline rush feeling you get when youre about to do something crazy (like a tall roller coaster or something). Depending how long it lasts it will make its way to a pounding heart and trembling. By this point I usually am fully aware what is happening and I try to talk my way down. Even if it means constantly repeating “I am ok. I am ok. I am ok.” Sometimes I even pinch myself in the arm. I, too, loathe anxiety.

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    • I can talk myself down perhaps 60% of the time…I may have to try that pinching my arm thing, maybe that will help some. I’m not surprised that so many people can relate to this subject.

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  4. I use the I’m okay repetition all the time, too!
    I wring my hands now, a lot. I read or play with the cats to relieve some of the anxiety. My hands shake and sometimes my whole body, too.
    When the kids were little I just had to push ahead. Do, do, do. Anxiety, fear or anything. They needed me. Now I need me and it isn’t as easy.

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    • I agree bff, it was easier when B was younger, I had to focus on her and try not to freak out for her sake. My anxiety has been getting worse lately and it’s really upsetting me. I play with the dogs when I start feeling anxious, it sometimes works. I’ve also been needing to puke a bit too.


  5. A knot that makes my entire body feel as if my spine decided to twist itself into a lump or a ball of twine.
    My dentist has warned me that my teeth will likely not survive much more grinding.
    Anxiety fucking sucks.

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  6. My breath gets really shallow and my heart pounds so hard I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack during the day and then my pulse is so loud in my ears at night that it keeps me awake. Anxiety sucks.

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