With Safety Pins

I’m not an easy person to get close to.

I’m normally polite, but I prefer to keep the majority of people at arm’s length. I could love the hell out of you and still not allow a close friendship to blossom. There are many reasons why.

I’ll just be as transparent as a sheet of cheap ass wax paper; relationships are hard work.

Yes, you say, but they are so worth the effort! I do not disagree with you, it’s an awfully great feeling to know that a few humans on this planet love and care about you.

It’s as soothing as a mug of hot chocolate, isn’t it?

But from what I’ve always experienced (for me anyways) is that they take so much of my energy, they quickly wear my ass out.

I can quickly put labels on it, hey man, I’m an empath and an introvert, what the hell do you expect? But it runs deeper than that for me, especially within the last year.



And you know what? It is not fun. It is the major suck, I’m talking total suckage, here.

Being the sensitive soul that I am, I get emotional quickly. I have so many issues that my issues have issues. I panic easily, then I cry. I have wicked nasty anxiety attacks that scare the living shit outta me on the regular. A great portion of these bad boys are brought on by my fellow homosapions, often unintentionally (and sometimes on purpose, trust me, it does happen more than you’d like to think.)

Basically, if I were tight with a large quantity of people, I’d go completely apeshit.

I don’t want that. (Remember that total suckage thingy?)

I care about so many people, but for my own welfare, I find it difficult to let the bonding occur. The more persistent the individual, the more of a chance they’ll have in knowing the last time I had a truly successful bowel movement.


I’ll end this post with a random thought that pooped popped into my head:

The Universe has a shitty sense of humor, with safety pins always at the ready to pop your iridescent bubble.


9 thoughts on “With Safety Pins

  1. Yeah, I understand this so much. I’m the same way, probably another reason we get on so well. You and me, we don’t get upset if we don’t talk for a while. Yet, we know we are available when needed. So yeah, I get ya. ❤

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  2. I understand all too well. The people who act like they want to be friends with me usually turn out to be trouble-making drama queens and the people that live in this area tend to be very gossipy and backstabby so I’m wary of anyone who seems friendly. “Trust no one” has kind of become my motto after 17 years of living here.

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  3. I’m happy with my own company, I love my fellow human beings, but from afar, so yeah totally get that. We all have an invisible shield because of our past hurts xxxx

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  4. I get hurt really easy, and I turn extra quiet, I hate drama, I hate upsetting people, if I like you I blab my life, if I love you, I bring you food and trinkets. I made you a cupcake and included a teddy bear, I’d send it but can’t afford too. ❤ ❤ I sometimes don't know what to say so I ramble. ❤ ❤


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