Pulling the Wool

Nobody believed at first that asshat was cheating on me due to the fact that he weighed over 400 pounds. (I assume that he still does.)

It completely dumbfounded my family, especially my mother. She really loved him and when the shit hit the fan, she took it personally.

Love can turn to hatred in a nanosecond.


He had pulled the wool over her eyes and that was unacceptable. Just like me, he is now dead to her and that’s that. I wasn’t the only one who was so bitterly betrayed.

But back to his weight and the fact that people were like…what the fuck? Who would want that fat ass?

Well, as it turned out, there was a vast supply of females who wanted a piece of that jelly roll.

(I can talk like this because I have always been on the heavier side myself.)

Back in 2015, when I was going through a severe mental health crisis, I had a feeling deep down that he was cheating on me, but when I vocalized my suspicions, my mom nixed the idea straightaway. (See above for why.)

I let the idea go. It was easier for me at the time to dismiss my gut instincts and blame myself for just being sick in the head and paranoid.

Appearance has nothing to do with it. If someone is able to cast a web of bullshit, they can catch a turd easily enough.

Don’t ever doubt your gut.


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