A “Rest and Relax” Day

I just got off the phone with my mother, canceling my planned visit this afternoon because I’m having a hard time igniting my pilot light this sunny, yet wicked cold spring afternoon.

She’s canceled with me twice already due to her own illness(es). (My poor mama.)

We’ll try again for this Friday, when perhaps we’ll both feel a bit more spirited.


Put a cork in it, Annie.

There are some days (way too fucking many if you ask me) where leaving my house is almost impossible and reminds me of just how sick I really am. I do tend to forget sometimes.

But, I was out and about yesterday and the day before, so now I’m in need of a “rest and relax” day.

Or maybe two or five.

I hate to lump it all on having fibromyalgia, but let’s call a spade a spade.

It’s because of my fibromyalgia that my head is fuzzy and full of glitch’s, that my body is achy, hurting and twitchy and I have the energy of a sloth.


I’d love to take a nap with this little fella.

Anything that I can get my body and brain to accomplish is never taken for granted anymore. I am always mindful.

Each time that I’m able to go bowling with my specially modified kiddie ball that mimic’s an adult ball, when I go shopping with or without the assistance of a zippy cart, do some housecleaning, make an important phone call…all of those little things that healthy people do without thinking, I’m always so exceedingly proud of myself for.

Because not everyone has those abilities.

So, thank you God. I am grateful for having the opportunity to be completely tuckered out.


17 thoughts on “A “Rest and Relax” Day

  1. Great post, bff. That bone weary exhaustion. I just can’t do a thing like that! My mind’s so foggy I talk funny.

    I do my best to enjoy the days with energy, but watch out the next day, right?


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