Stinging with Rejection


My God, just go away!

Have you ever had the feeling that a friend is trying to avoid you, but isn’t being straight up about it? You just feel a distant vibe each time that you try to reach out and communicate. You instinctively know that something has completely changed and it’s quite obvious that you are taking up their precious time.

Then you feel like a total idiot for even trying to chat with them because they basically ditch the conversation as quickly as they can get away with. It leaves you stinging with rejection and you’ll promise that you’ll just do them a huge favor and leave them the hell alone…

Until some time passes and then you try again, hoping for them to seem happy to hear from you like they used to.

It’s just downright stupid, isn’t it? Why chase a person who clearly wants little to nothing to do with you anymore, for whatever reason.

Oh well. What are your thoughts on this?


7 thoughts on “Stinging with Rejection

  1. Huh, I’ve just gone through this myself very recently. (NOT YOU!) A friend, I thought who was a really good friend has ignored several of my emails. It’s like I’ve become invisible, so I gave up trying. Yes, it does sting. A lot. Mostly because I don’t know why she is doing it. It hurts my feelings to be honest. Sorry if you are going through the same thing. 😦 ❤


  2. Depends on why, but I try to assume the best. Often they are just busy. I’m tolerant, but will block and/or ignore a friend for a time if they go too far. Usually, though, I’m just busy.

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  3. I guess if you try your best and they still distance themselves, it’s best to let it go no matter how much it may hurt. The question of “why” would always haunt you though, I guess.

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