10 thoughts on “Talking About Mom

  1. That was a great post, Mer. Made me cry, but eh, my eyes needed a good washing.
    I do want to say you look a lot like your mom. And whether you believe it or not, you have a lot of her strength. Hang in there my friend and know I got your back. ❤

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  2. That was beautiful, Mer. I am so sorry to hear the struggle your mom went through and the bittersweetness of getting to peace to be with her mom. I am so very sorry also to hear your struggles of having to see her go through such pain and doing your best to abide by her wishes not to see her because she wanted to protect you from her suffering. I thoroughly love the message of not taking maternal relationships for granted and I want you to know I want to be here for you, however you may need me. I apologize for not having reached out and related in so many ways to the frustrations you feel about that as well as being a hermit. You are strong and you will get through this and I don’t know when it’s an appropriate time to say this, but you will see your mom again when it’s intended. And know that she hovers nearby in some way we have no human comprehension. My heart, thoughts, well wishes, prayers and love go out to you and all of yours. Love you, Merbear. I’m here.


  3. Damn it, Mer. My heart still hurts for you. Sending prayers. Know your mom is definitely with family and friends now. You fight Mer! Don’t you give up! She is with you, she can hear you. You will still feel her love, during your hardest times, she is holding you. Bless you dearest Merry.♥️


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