Hot Dogs

We’re having a heat wave here in Northeast Ohio. You know how the weather people like to scare the hell out of you, so they’ve issued a heat warning.

Dangerous conditions, BE AFRAID.

I loathe the summer heat and humidity. It makes me feel really sick. My central air unit was made in 1993 and it stopped blowing cold air back in 2013. The coils are busted or something.

I’m sitting in front of my $30 fan half naked (sorry for that unwanted visual) and my poor dogs are just miserable.


I’m sorry, pups.

I took them outside just a bit ago and hosed them down. Then I decided fuck it and turned the hose on myself.

I just got denied trying to rent to own a new unit. I mean, damn. I’ve been working to rebuild my credit for so long now, but they never even give me a chance to try to redeem myself.

I miss my mom worrying about us over here. That was just what she did, she cared so much, even though she couldn’t do anything to really help.

Enough whining for one day.


8 thoughts on “Hot Dogs

  1. The heat is hitting us tomorrow. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I prefer to not drive on icy roads so I don’t like winter, but the hottest part of summer is horrible!

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  2. It has been hot as fuck. Our relief is supposed to come tonight, so I hope it doesn’t take long to make it your way. I remember not even having an AC when we were kids… how in the hell did we put up with this?


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