I Carry On


My daughter has been sick the last couple of days with a nasty stomach flu.

And as her mother, I’ve been tending to her while she rests on the couch, rather miserable.

It doesn’t matter that she’ll be 23 years old next month. She’s still my baby girl and as long as I am able, I will take care of her.

Because that’s what a mother does for her child.

Taking care of my sick little girl (she’ll always be little to me) makes me realize how incredibly lucky I am to have this kind of love in my life.

I miss my own mom more and more as each day passes.

Yet I carry on…as she once did for me.

16 thoughts on “I Carry On

  1. Oh no ☹️ Hoping she’s on the upswing today. 🌸 My son’s been hurt (slipped disc in neck) and I still feel like he’s 5, and not 23. It’s so difficult to see them hurting, I think especially for us chronically ill because we know just how awful it can be. Take good care of you too. 💕

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