Mom, Do You Remember?



Do you remember when I puked on you and dad

As you both slept, Christmas Eve, soundly snoozing?

I was afraid if I went downstairs to the bathroom

That I would scare poor Santa Claus away, no Little Pony for me


Do you remember the first Christmas after dad died

When little brother stopped talking and became mute?

That we couldn’t get him to say a word or sing a festive tune

Because of his traumatized tongue, a truly silent night


Do you remember being mad at me for being so busy

With my boyfriend that I wouldn’t help decorate for Christmas?

How I wish that I could have found the time to hang some tinsel

With you, my beautiful mother and little brother, putting up our stockings


Do you remember going to midnight mass on a whim

I had just gotten out of the shower and had hair-icles from the frigid air?

We laughed but you said that you hoped I didn’t catch a Christmas cold

I miss how much you always loved and cared for me, my God I miss you!


Do you remember the Christmas before I had the baby

When you gave me that daughter plaque as a gift?

I cried because it meant so much to know that you’d always

Think of me as your little girl, no matter what my age


Do you remember last Christmas and how I ran to kneel before you

When I opened the present that said a mother and daughter’s love never dies?

How we both teared up, deep down we both knew it was your last Christmas

I asked how in the world would I live without you?


You hushed me and squeezed my hand tight


There will be nothing to remember this Christmas but my sorrow, yet those memories will last the rest of my lifetime.

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