Snake Venom

What I really want is my 15 years back.

I gave my ex-husband so many of my precious years, my late 20’s all the way through to my early 40’s.

I lost the entirety of my 30’s to him.

A decade of days and nights.

I’m a greedy bitch!

I’m full of venom. I want to bite him on his fat hoof and howl the words into his ignorant face, crouched down like a dangerous, indignant snake made of pure vengeance.

Woman head with snake

“I don’t want apologies, I want my fucking time back.”

Which is impossible unless I owned a time-machine.

As I write this, I picture him taking another selfie to put online with the hope of snagging himself yet another piece of ass, only now it’s a different wife that’s wasting her time on him.

And one day she’ll be the one who wants her time back, just like I do now.

Therapy brings up all sorts of goodies.

6 thoughts on “Snake Venom

  1. Screw him. The thirties suck anyway. Yes, the time is gone. Do you want him back? Then don’t waste the next 15 years thinking about the past… that would be a real tragedy. You know, my sister was married 3 times. She took the divorces very hard. She beat herself up a lot. I told her I was proud of her though. She couldn’t imagine why. I think it was brave for her to reach out for love. She tried, THREE times! I think that’s brave. I think you’re brave too, Mer. 💜

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