Selling My Wares

My daughter and I have an abundance of jewelry and supplies left from our craft show adventure last October. We’re planning on setting up an online marketplace (eventually) and we also got approval for an ongoing, Northeast Ohio craft show that sells only handmade items.

I haven’t been able to come up with the pricey fee and most of the events are set for two days, a Saturday & Sunday. That is a huge undertaking and commitment but not out of the realm of possibility in the future.

My daughter mentioned to me that perhaps I could try to offer a small number of my bracelets right here on my blog. I told her that I’d think about it.

So, I did.

I picked out 3 of the most simple bracelets that I’ve made. Due to not being positive on the cost of shipping, for now, I’ll only be able to send them out to my friends in the US. Once the kid and I get our real online store running, I’m sure that won’t no longer be an issue.

Starting simple here.


The first one has been designed with flowered Millefiori glass beads and wee silver spacers. $5

The second was created with teal faceted beads, silver spacers and red luster pearl beads. $5

Finally, the last one is crafted with beautiful green tiger eye beads, finished with ornate silver spacers. $6

Shipping will come out of my own pocket so I can get an idea of how much it costs! It’ll be shipped out in a padded envelope.

If you’d like to buy one of my bracelets, please say so in the comments, send me your email address and we’ll go from there. I have PayPal but not positive yet how to um…set that up here.

Honestly, this post is more of a “is there any interest whatsoever?” kind of thing.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Selling My Wares

  1. I like the green tiger eye beads. I am hopeless when it comes to PayPal and all of that, but my son uses a couple of apps on his phone that he gets paid for cleaning with. I could ask him about those, maybe? I do like the other two, but the green one speaks to me more. You really should charge something for shipping as I bet it will cost as much or more to ship than you are charging. (I’m so bossy lol)

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