Diet Ginger Ale, Coffee and Some Chocolate

I’ve seen with my own eyes how people are hoarding toilet paper, water, bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizer, food and even rubbing alcohol.

There are some completely rude and not so nice people out there, you guys.


I watched some of them in complete awe with my boyfriend last Thursday at Dollar General for half an hour while we waited in the long checkout line. I just wanted to buy my pup’s some dog food, a few two-liters of diet ginger ale, coffee and some chocolate. (Must-haves in my world.)

Luckily, before I moved, I accidentally overbought toilet paper because I’d forgotten that I already had a full package in the upstairs hallway bathroom closet.


Khajiit has wares, if you have coin. (My daughter and her sense of humor. SMH.)

So, at last count, we now have 19 rolls. (Double rolls, mind you!)

I have plenty of hand soap, antibacterial wipes and sanitizer right now because the previous owner’s son left behind some of those items at my new house, plus a full jug of bleach. I also have one that I purchased before the coronavirus became a thing to be concerned about.

I haven’t gone out to hoard anything and perhaps that’s stupid of me. I have groceries and I sincerely believe plenty enough to last us for at least a month or so.

Our new neighbors are elderly (also very nice) and although they have their grown daughter living with them, if they ran out of soap, toilet paper or whatever, I’d gladly share what we have.


I worry about my daughter at work, she’s in contact with the general public, plus my boyfriend as well. All any of us can do is cover our mouths when we cough, sneeze and of course, wash our hands.

And pray. Personally, I’ve been doing tons of that. I know it’s not everyone’s thing, though, for me, it helps keep me calmer and less afraid.

My Mindful Self-Compassion class, starting this Tuesday, was at first going to be postponed although now it’s been officially moved online via an app called Zoom. I have no idea how easy it’ll be for me to navigate…but shit, I’m sure going to try.

Hopefully, once things start to get back to normal here in Ohio, the class will start to meet in person like originally planned. Not only was I excited to learn new stuff, but I was also looking forward to meeting new people.

I see my therapist (finally!) also on Tuesday and this is a good thing. I have a pretty serious and troubling personal problem right now that I need to discuss with a trained professional. It hasn’t been canceled as of yet so I still plan on going.

The way I look at things, yes, we do need to be extra cautious and do our part to stop the spread of this damn thing. I get that, I dig it.

But we also have to live our lives as well. Being an introvert and enjoying my solitude, isolating myself for the greater good isn’t that big of a deal to me.

My mental health is precious to me and this issue that I’m having in my personal life is rather upsetting. I don’t want to miss another appointment with her again.

I don’t mean to be evasive but it’s just not the right time to open the cage and let this particular bird free yet.

Stay safe, you guys.

8 thoughts on “Diet Ginger Ale, Coffee and Some Chocolate

  1. I had just stocked up on groceries and toilet paper just days before things got crazy here. (Yes, it’s loony toon time here too) So I’m good for about a month. I might….MIGHT need some more t-paper before then but I have a friend who would go hunt some down for me if needed. I don’t plan on going anywhere for a while. Good thing I’m mostly hermit anyway. I am very rarely bored and I don’t really need people to amuse myself. Most of my neighbors are elderly or disabled in some way. If I had to I would share with them. As I believe they would with me. So far the city I live in has no virus cases so we are lucky all around. Stay healthy my friend. Love you. ❤


    • I’m still healthy so far and all whom I care about as well. It’s all very surreal though. B just left for work after 3 days off…take out/carry out only at her gourmet burger place and it’s only b/c she’s a manager that she gets any hours at all. My boyfriend is out of work since he’s a prep guy. It sucks.

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  2. Every time I read mindful self-compassion, I smile because it’s the exact opposite of the title of a band Mindless Self Indulgence.

    I hope you’re able to have your appt, dealing with personal issues is hard.

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  3. It’s good that your class was moved to Zoom! I’m nervous about all the online interactions that will now be necessary, as I believe you can’t replicate face to face interactions, but shit at least we have to try.

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  4. If people stopped hoarding, there would be enough for everyone–I wish people would understand that! As for Zoom, I use it all the time and it’s great–very user friendly! I’m glad that you were able to meet up with your classmates that way:-)


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