A highly sensitive and empathetic person, that takes on the emotions of the people around them, often at the expense of their own emotional well-being.

I don’t handle stress well. Chaos of any kind usually sends me into a panic state, where I freeze up and then I want to run away to a mountain hideaway, all by myself.

Empty tank, out of gas

My soul-weary self, exhausted

Picking up vibes I do not want

Another loud voice, I tremble again

Taking on worries that aren’t even mine

Heart in desperate need of mending

May You Find…


To all who are struggling right now…

May you find peace amid the chaos that’s daily churning up your insides, as you wake up afraid, not knowing what scary news you’ll encounter on TV or online.

May you find freedom, even when you’re cocooned inside of the house to keep yourself healthy, in order to save the lives of strangers and loved ones alike.

May you find hidden caches of love for your family, friends and all humanity, realizing with great empathy and awareness that we are all in this together.

May you find the ability to be kind to yourself, no matter how you’re feeling right now and show the same kindness to others, especially if they are desperately in need of some.

May you find a way to let go and come to understand that although the future isn’t meant to be known, we will always have hope to hold onto, especially during these current times of extreme anxiety.

I wish you all well, stay safe. God bless you and your loved ones.