Different Angles



The Short Version

In my post yesterday, I hinted about something that happened to me back in July.

Then I admitted the truth in my comments section and told another blog friend on her own site. I suppose you could say that I was ready to just come out with the truth instead of holding it in.

This is where I would normally add a fart joke or something for an easy laugh, but because this topic isn’t funny, I’ll refrain.


Before I go on any further, I promise that I am mostly alright. The initial shock of it is now over with, so I can put the bandage on and off at my leisure.

I prefer when it’s on.

I don’t want to share details, so I’m going to write the short version.

My husband placed an ad looking for a hook up because I wasn’t frosting his flakes.

The woman he was pursuing somehow found out about me and left me a message on my KOBAF Facebook page.

I hope you forgive me, but I just can’t disclose any more of the lurid parts.

I’ve told some close friends, my immediate family is aware of it and just last weekend I finally told my therapist. So, I’m not dealing with this bullshit alone.

And as for my marriage, only time will tell, I suppose. I have no answers right now or any kind of annoying platitudes.

Those old chestnuts can take a flying leap off of Fuck You mountain.