Ever Again


I am full of sad stories

Of my own and other people

Gathered slowly over the years

In a pocket nestled near my heart

It’s near full to capacity, bursting

Of labored last breaths and traumas

Of tears and hours of tormented memories

So full, I feel like I might crawl into a hole

Never to be seen, to never feel despair

Ever again


A Tale of Three Men


Shushed and hushed

Ignored, shut up!

Told to simmer down

Made me cry, don’t ever ask why

That slutty color made him frown

No real dates, just hung out

Disappeared for days, no calls

On his own time he’d come ’round

Bailed on me, just let him be!!

Stared angrily at the ground

Holds my hand, keeps his word

Tells me how smart I am

Helps me heal, a tender heart

Within his arms I feel safe…

A beginning of a new start

Three Men by Sandra Carey