Mer In Love


I promise that I’ll be there

Just tell me that you’ll stay 

‘Cause I know that you’re for real 

I’m so in awe with all your ways

You said you loved our scars

I love how you trace mine 

With such gentle, loving fingers

My sunshine, you are sublime 

Each day I fall even more in love

With your passionate soul and heart

So please pardon if I stare too long

I’ve been mesmerized from the start 


In Oceanic Blue


It doesn’t matter what they’ll say

It doesn’t matter what they’ll do

All that matters is now you’re here

So I can keep on loving you

It’s our turn now, we did our time

Chasing words that never rhymed

Giving our hearts away in vain

Filling up buckets with our pain

When I look into your eyes, love

I see my reflection in oceanic blue

And, I swear it, if I could, dear

I’d go spend my past with you