May You Find…


To all who are struggling right now…

May you find peace amid the chaos that’s daily churning up your insides, as you wake up afraid, not knowing what scary news you’ll encounter on TV or online.

May you find freedom, even when you’re cocooned inside of the house to keep yourself healthy, in order to save the lives of strangers and loved ones alike.

May you find hidden caches of love for your family, friends and all humanity, realizing with great empathy and awareness that we are all in this together.

May you find the ability to be kind to yourself, no matter how you’re feeling right now and show the same kindness to others, especially if they are desperately in need of some.

May you find a way to let go and come to understand that although the future isn’t meant to be known, we will always have hope to hold onto, especially during these current times of extreme anxiety.

I wish you all well, stay safe. God bless you and your loved ones.

When I Close My Eyes


When I close my eyes, I go back in time

Holding my dad’s hand under the warm, yellow sun

To the piped-in scent of coconut and lime

On vacation years back at a casino with mom

Snowed in during the blizzard of 77′

I was so young but still can recall

Not being afraid for my parents were near

For they seemed so calm through it all

How I wish that they both were here now

What would they do, what would they say?

That our own safety and others are priority one?

That all we can do is abide and then pray?

When I close my eyes, I go back in time

And I’m a child again…

Trying hard not to panic…

But I am afraid…

And I wish that I could hold daddy’s strong hand once more

And I wish that I could gamble with mom and see her sweet smile

Though I’m glad that they’re safe now and don’t have to worry

Rushing to stores in a crazed, frenzied hurry

But, please, mom and dad

Send down your light

Please watch out for us

That we all might get through this alright



We Are


We are the forgotten ones

Folded neatly on the chair

Left to sit and taken for granted

In a cruel world that’s rarely fair

We are the devoted ones

Who put others above ourselves

Allowing our dust to settle

Placed high upon the shelves

We are the sensitive ones

Who take everything to heart

Trying hard to toughen up

Within a soul that’s torn apart

We are the hopeful ones

That work hard to see the light

Wanting badly to run away

But continue to stand and fight

We are the brokenhearted ones

That weep while others stay dry

As though we were merely born

To curl up at night and cry